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Jousting is a competition between two knights on horse-back, wherein each knight tries to knock the other off his mount. Jousting was popular in medieval times, although it is still performed in Renaissance fairs. The knghts are each equipped with three weapons; a lance, a one handed sword, and a rondel. When one knight knocks the other off of his mount, he is declared the winner of the round. If both knights are knocked off their mounts at the same time, it is considered a tie; they then engage in sword combat, and the last standing is victorious. The knights usually jousted in a best out of three situation. The reward of the tournament was the hand of his choice of lady.

Modern-day jousting competitions feature riders on horseback attempting to thread a lance through a ring. The rings become smaller as the competition progresses; riders who fail to capture a ring are eliminated until a winner is determined.