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Joondalup is a satellite city 25mins to the North of Perth, Western Australia.

Joondalup has historically been much maligned by residents of Perth's older suburbs who have always felt that it was too far and not worth the trip, but the young population of Joondulup ensures that the city has a thriving nightlife with pumping venues like The Old Baily, and Club Justice (cleverly named as a reference to its proximity to the police station), staying open until the early hours of the morning. In fact Joondalup these days has such a winning mix of Government Institutions, easy-flowing traffic, and middle class 1990s suburban architecture that it is the locals who say that Perth City is too far and not worth the trip.

One feature of the city is the Joondalup Resort. This golf resort features 27 holes and is of a quality you could find anywhere. It is a popular destination for Perth corporate high-flyers who don't like to drive too far, or fly.

While not renowned as an artistic center, the city pavements feature tiles hand painted by local school children, adding to the great sense of community.