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Jon Postel

Jon Postel

Jonathan Bruce Postel (August 6, 1943 - October 16, 1998) made many significant contributions to Internet standards. He was the creator of the Internet Domain Name System (DNS) and author of many RFC documents from the IETF, including RFC 0825 and RFC 2223. Jon was also, from its inception to his death, IANA and RFC Editor.

He gained a Ph.D. in computer science from UCLA in 1974. He was the first member of the Internet Society and he also served on the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society and the Internet Architecture Board.

His contributions to building the Internet were regarded by his peers as being so great that an RFC was written in his memory (see External link below). This is no trivial thing given that between 1969 and February 2002, only 3,240 RFCs have been published. He had been himself co-author of over 204 RFCs.

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