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Jolteon is a yellow-furred wolflike Pokémon with white, spiky mane ringing its neck. It's #135 of the original 151 Pokémon.The shiny version of Jolteon in the Gold and Silver games, is darker in coloration. Jolteon is a full Electric type.

Jolteon evolves from Eevee when it is exposed to a Thunderstone. It can only be obtained by evolving its Basic Pokémon form. It learns mainly Electric type attacks, like Thunder and Thundershock, but also a lot of Normal type attacks, like Quick attack and Tackle.

Because this Pokémon mainly relies on its Speed, it is a quick One-Hit-KO-attacker, although its Thunder attack is not very accurate. Because it gets Double Kick, it has an advantage over ground types that are also part rock, which is nice to have in an Electric type.

In Japan, Jolteon is called サンダース(Sandaasu/Thunders). In France it is called Voltali. In Germany it is called Blitza. In many other countries it is known by its english name: Jolteon.