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Jolly Cola

Jolly Cola is a Danish brand of cola. It is not as widespread in Denmark as Coca Cola. And should you in a bar ask for a "cola" (most commonly said in Denmark) you will nine out of ten times get a Coca Cola.

There are, of course, other Danish brands of cola such as: "Saltum" and "Baldur". They are cheaper than Coca Cola and are more commonly bought for the households.

In general, Saltum and Baldur produce an array of soft drinks ("sodavand" - soda = carbonated, vand = water) and the label only holds the common name of the product i.e. "Appelsinvand" for an orange flavoured soft drink instead of a patented name such as "Coca Cola" or "Fanta".

Here is an easy overview of what you can get of soft drinks in Denmark:

* = economic  (usually only found in supermarkets/at grocers)
**= pricy      (found everywhere)

-Coca Cola ** -Jolly Cola ** -Fanta (The whole series) ** -Sprite ** -Squash ** (A Danish brand orange soft drink) -Schweppes ** -Faxe Kondi** (A Danish sports soft drink - "kondi" = physical condition. "Faxe" is the name of the brewery (they also make beer)) -Nikoline **(A Danish orange soft drink, tastes somewhat like Schweppes Lemon) -Sportsvand / Sport * (sport = sport, looks and tastes like Sprite) -Appelsinvand / Appelsin * (Appelsin = orange) -Abrikosvand / Abrikos * (Abrikos = apricot) -Citronvand / Citron * (Citron = lemon) -Hindbær * (Hindbær = raspberry) -Grøn Sodavand * (Grøn = green, as the other economic "sodavand" made entirely synthetic. This one just does not hide it) -Cola * -Hvid Cola * (Hvid = white/clear, it a rare sight - looks like water but tastes like cola) -Ananas * (Ananas = pineapple)

Even though it is not in the category of soft drinks it is, however, worth mentioning that mineral water comes carbonated and non-carbonated in Denmark. The bottles made of the same stiff plastic as the soft drink bottles, contains the carbonated mineral water (as goes for the rest of the world).