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Johnny Robinson

Johnny Robinson, from Louisiana State University , was a master thief for the American Football League's Dallas Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs, leading the team in interceptions with 10 in 1966, and 58 for his career, a team record.

In Super Bowl IV, the underdog Chiefs defeated one of the so-called "greatest teams in the history of the NFL", the Vikings, 23-7. Late in the game, Robinson picked off a Joe Kapp pass and sealed the Viking's fate. With Chiefs rushing to congratulate him, lying on the turf, Robinson held one finger high to signify that the Chiefs were the best team in professional football.

Robinson was a six-time All-American Football League selection who played that Super Bowl game with three broken ribs. Five times the interception leader on the Chiefs, Robinson redefined the role of the safety in professional football. Opposing quarterbacks soon learned to keep the ball away from him. A member of the All-time All-AFL Team and one of only twenty players who were in the American Football League for its entire ten-year existence, and a member of the American Football League Hall of Fame.


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