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John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin (born January 4, 1942) is a jazz fusion guitar player from Yorkshire in England. The Mahavishnu John McLaughlin Orchestra (Mahavishnu Orchestra), John's 1970's electric band, are respected the world over for their complicated fusion of New age Indian and electric jazz rock.

After the split of the Mahavishnu Orchestra McLaughlin worked with the far more low-key, acoustic group Shakti.

Along with Carlos Santana, McLaughlin was a follower of the guru Sri Chinmoy, and in 1973 they collaborated on an album of devotional songs, Love, Devotion, Surrender, which included a recording of the Coltrane composition A Love Supreme.

John McLaughlin first came to light playing with the Miles Davis group, and has also worked with the respected jazz composer Carla Bley.

See also: Paco de Lucia, Trilok Gurtu, Santana.

John McLaughlin (born March 29, 1927) is the creator, executive producer, and host of The McLaughlin Group, a long-running U.S. political talk show. See John McLaughlin (host).