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John II of Brabant

Jan II van Brabant, also called John II the peaceful, was born on September 27, 1275 and died on October 27, 1312. He was Duke of Brabant and Limburg (1294-1312) and Duke of Lorraine. He was the son of John I of Brabant and Margaretha of Flanders.

He married Margareth Plantagenet, the daughter of King Edward I of England, on July 8, 1290 in Westminster Abbey, London. Only one child was born out of this marriage, John III of Brabant.

During the reign of Jan II, Brabant continues supporting a coalition to stop French expansion. John, who suffered from kidney stones and wanted his duchy to be peacefully handed over to his son upon his death, in 1312 signed the famous Charter of Kortenberg.

After his death Jan II was buried in the St. Michiel and St. Goedele Cathedral in Brussels.

Preceded by:
John I
Duke of Brabant Succeeded by:
John III