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John Hunter (surgeon)

John Hunter (February 13, 1728 - October 16, 1793) was a Scottish surgeon who regarded as one of the most distinguished scientists of his day.

Hunter was born near East Kilbride. He was a younger brother of William Hunter, the anatomist. He studied, taught and practiced in London (initially with his brother). Hunter was an excellent anatomist; his knowledge and skill as a surgeon was based on sound anatomical background. Among his numerous contributions to medical science are :

After years of hard work he set up his own anatomy school in London in 1764 and started in private surgical practice. His recognition rose in 1767 when he was elected as Fellow of the Royal Society and in 1768 he was appointed as surgeon to St. George's Hospital. Later he became a member of the Company of Surgeons. In 1776 he was appointed surgeon to King George III; in 1786 he was appointed deputy surgeon to the British Army and in 1789 he was made Surgeon General.

In 1799 the government purchased Hunter's collection of papers and specimens, which it presented to the Company of Surgeons.