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John and Roy Boulting

John and Roy Boulting

English film producers and directorss.

Twin brothers born in Bray, England in 1913. Worked together as producer and director whenever they could and their work is almost indistinguishable. They made a mix of tight, economical films (Brighton Rock, Seven Days to Noon etc.) and flabby, fuddled comedies (Carlton-Browne of the F.O., Private's Progress etc.).

John died in 1985 and Roy in 2001.


John: Journey Together(1945), Brighton Rock(1947), Seven Days to Noon(1950), The Magic Box(1951), Private's Progress(1956), Lucky Jim(1957), Heavens Above!(1963), Rotten to the Core(1965), The Number(1979)
Roy: Inquest(1940), Thunder Rock(1942), Tunisian Victory (1944, documentary co-directed with Frank Capra), Fame is the Spur(1947), The Guinea Pig(1948), Singlehanded(1951), Seagulls Over Sorrento(1954), Josephine and Men(1955), Run for the Sun(1956), Happy is the Bride(1957), Brothers in Law(1957), I'm All Right, Jack(1959), Carlton-Browne of the F.O.(1959), Suspect(1960), A French Mistress(1960), The Family Way(1966), Twisted Nerve(1968), There's a Girl in My Soup(1970), Soft Beds, Hard Battles(1973)