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John, Duke of Bedford

John of Lancaster, Duke of Bedford (June 20, 1389 - September 14, 1435) was the fourth son of King Henry IV of England by Mary de Bohun, and acted as regent for his nephew, King Henry VI of England.

He was created Earl of Kendal, Earl of Richmond and Duke of Bedford in 1414 by his brother, King Henry V. In 1423 he married Anne, daughter of John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy. After her death in childbirth in 1432, he remarried, his second wife being Jacquetta of Luxembourg.

After the death of Henry V in 1422, John vied with his younger brother, Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, for control of the kingdom. He was declared regent of France, the boy king being technically heir to the throne of that country as well as to England. Bedford defeated the French several times, until the arrival of Joan of Arc on the scene rallied the opposition. In 1431, Bedford had Joan tried and executed at Rouen, then arranged a coronation for the young Henry VI at Paris. While negotiating the Treaty of Rouen, he died at his home and was buried at Rouen Cathedral.

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