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Johannes Dantiscus

Johannes Dantiscus or Johann(es) von Hoefen or (Johann(es)Flachsbinder) also known as Jan Dantyszek for his birthplace, was born in the Polish city of Gdansk in 1485. His father was a Gdansk brewer and merchant and his grandfather a ropemaker, therefore Flachsbinder. Johannes became a church canon and a poet. He became bishop of Chelmno in Warmia, and later Prince-Bishop of Warmia. He wrote many poems in Latin. Despite the surrounding Prussian lands turning Protestant, Warmia remained Catholic. Von Hoefen or Dantiscus took part in the imperial convention of Vienna in 1515 under Maximilian I. Among his many works is the "Life of Johann von Hoefen" (Vita Joannis de Curiis Dantisci). He died in 1548 at Frombork in Warmia.