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Joe Jackson (musician)

Joe Jackson (born August 11 1954 in Burton-on-Trent) is a British musician. He started off learning to play the violin but soon switched to piano. From the age of 16 he played in bars, and won a scholarship to study Composition at London's Royal Academy of Music.

He did not like the prospect of being a serious composer, and moved towards pop and rock. His first band was Arms and Legs which collapsed after two unsuccessful singles. He then spent some time in the cabaret circuit to make money to record his own demos. In 1978 a producer heard his tape, and got him signed to A&M Records. The album Look Sharp! was recorded straight away, and was released in 1979, quickly followed by I'm the Man and Beat Crazy in 1980. The Joe Jackson band was very successful and toured extensively. After the breakup of the band, Joe took a break and recorded an album of old-style swing and blues tunes.

From then on, he left the world of pop further and further behind him, and went on to be signed by Sony Classical in 1997, who released his unconventional Symphony No. 1 in 1999.

Jackson is most commonly known for the 1982 hit song "Steppin' Out", which still gets extensive FM radio airplay.

Joe Jackson Discography
Year Title Label
1978 Look Sharp A&M
1979 I'm the Man A&M
1980 Beat Crazy A&M
1981 Jumpin' Jive A&M
1982 Night and Day A&M
1984 Body & Soul A&M
1986 Big World A&M
1987 Will Power A&M
1988 Live 1980/86
1988 Tucker A&M
1989 Blaze of Glory A&M
1991 Laughter & Lust Virgin
1994 Night Music Virgin
1997 Heaven & Hell Sony
1999 Symphony No. 1 Sony
2000 Summer in the City: Live in New York Sony
2000 Night and Day II Sony
2001 The Best of Joe Jackson Universal
2002 Two rainy nights
2003 Volume 4