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Joan of Acre

Joan of Acre (1272 - April 23, 1307 was a daughter of King Edward I of England and his first wife, Eleanor of Castile.

Joan got her name from her birthplace, Akko (Acre), Hazofan, Palestine. It differentiates her from an earlier Joan born to the couple, who died in infancy. Joan of Acre was born while her parents were traveling to the Middle East on the Seventh Crusade.

In 1290, at Westminster Abbey, Joan married Gilbert de Clare, 3rd Earl of Gloucester. He was nearly thirty years her senior. Their four children were:

Following her husband's death in 1295, Joan married Ralph, 1st Baron de Monthermer, and had a further four children. She died at the manor of Clare in Suffolk, England, a family possession, and was buried there.