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Jim Mollison

Jim Mollison was a legendary British airplane pilot. Mollison was the holder of various aviation records.

Mollison established a record by flying from England to South Africa in four days. During one of his flights, he was matched with the equally legendary pilot Amy Johnson, whom he proposed to only 8 hours after meeting her, and while still in the air. Johnson accepted; they married on July of 1932, and she went off to break her husband's England to South Africa record. They were dubbed the flying sweethearts by the press and public. They divorced later because Mollison could not handle his wife's success and also because he had a drinking problem.

Mollison was the first pilot to perform a trans-Atlantic flight going solo, and he later flew from England to Brazil in three days, using Africa as a stop-over continent. By then, he and his wife began to plan a record breaking flight across the world. On July 22, 1933, they took off from Wales, but their plane could not make it to Connecticut in the United States, crashing before landing there. He and his wife were injured, and the plane broken apart by souvenir seekers.

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