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Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer (born February 13, 1944) in London, England is a former Cincinnati City Council member who now hosts a television program bearing his name, The Jerry Springer Show. Apparently this show is based on the game Let's you and him fight (LYAHF) described in psychiatrist Eric Berne's bestselling book Games People Play.

He gained a BA from Tulane University in political science 1965 and a law degree from Northwestern University in 1968. He then went on to become a campaign aide to Robert F. Kennedy.

Springer served as mayor of Cincinnati from 1977 when he had the largest plurality in the election. His tenure there was scandalous, as he was accused of hiring a prostitute once while in office. In addition to that, he participated, acting as himself, in the 1999 movie Ringmaster.

Springer is currently considering a return to Ohio politics, this time as a possible candidate for the United States Senate.

Jerry Springer - the Opera is a musical show which first became popular at the Edinburgh Festival in 2002, but which has since been transferred to the National Theatre and is going on to the West End (London). It was written and produced by Stewart Lee (writer/director) and Richard Thomas (composer).

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