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Jerry Lewis

Alternate meanings: Jerry Lee Lewis, Jerry Lewis (politician)

Joseph Levitch (born March 16, 1926), better known as Jerry Lewis, is an American comedian known for his wacky, slapstick humor, and his charity fund-raising telethons for muscular dystrophy.

Famously paired with Dean Martin at the beginning of their careers (July 25, 1946 - July 24, 1956). Reportedly considered a comedic genius in France, some say because he conforms to the idea the French have of Americans. He appeared in many films, including The Nutty Professor, The Bellboy and Boeing Boeing, featuring his zany character, and The King of Comedy, a serious film in which he plays a late-night TV host kidnapped by an obsessive fan.

Lewis also starred in the unreleased film The Day The Clown Cried, believed by many to be a milestone in unintentional bad taste.

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