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Jerry Chamberlain

Jerry Chamberlain is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer, best known for his work with the rock bands Daniel Amos and The Swirling Eddies (credited as "Spot").

Although Chamberlain left DA in late 1983, he did return on a few later albums including MotorCycle (1993) (which he co-produced), Bibleland (1994) and Songs of the Heart (1995).

Chamberlain is married to singer/songwriter/guitarist/bassist Sharon McCall. The couple had a band together in the mid-1980s called Boy-O-Boy.

In 2001, Chamberlain and McCall recorded a song ("Message From The Country") with pop rocker Doug Powell (SWAG), drumlord Ken Coomer (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo) and session ace Jonathan Yudkin (The Chain Smoking Altar Boys) for the Jeff Lynne tribute Lynne Me Your Ears (2002) under the moniker, The Balls of France (