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Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Jean-Pierre Jeunet (born 1953) is a French film director. Many of Jeunet's earlier films, collaborations with designer and co-director Marc Caro, are set in a dystopic retro-future, culminating in the gritty but charming The City of Lost Children in 1995.

The success of City led to an invitation to direct the fourth movie in the Alien series - Alien: Resurrection. Though not well received by critics, Alien: Resurrection brought in money at the box office, and the clout of having a Hollywood film under his belt gave Jeunet free reign on his next project, Amélie.

Amélie, a more upbeat story set in Montmartre, was nominated for several Academy Awards.

Jeunet deliberately seeks out actors with unusual faces for his films, and frequently uses wide-angle lenses to distort human features and sets. Actor Dominique Pinon has appeared in all four of Jeunet's full-length films, and Ron Perlman appears in both City and Resurrection.