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Jayaprakash Narayan

Jayprakash Narayan (1902-1979) was born in Bihar and completed his higher studies at USA. After returning to India, he joined the Indian National Congress with blessings from M.K. Gandhi. During the freedom struggle for India, he was arrested and thrown into jail several times by the British.

After Mahatma Gandhi's death in 1948, JP Narayan joined Vinoba Bhave's Bhoodan campaign, which promoted distributing land to Harijans (untouchables).

He was a great beleiver in marxist and socialist parties, and it was under his guidance that the Janata Party was formed. Janata Party was voted into power in 1977, and was the first non-Congress party to form a government at the Center.

He has written several books and he promoted ideas of Hindu revivalism. In recognition of his social work, he received the Bharat Ratna award in 1998 posthumously.