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JavaServer page example output

For the input, the java code for the resulting servlet class would look something like the following:

\r\n package jsp_servlet;\r\n import java.util.*;\r\n import*;\r\n import javax.servlet.*;\r\n import javax.servlet.http.*;\r\n import javax.servlet.jsp.*;\r\n import javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.*;\r\n\r\n import; //imported as a result of <%@ page import="" %>\r\n import ...\r\n\r\n class _myserlvet implements javax.servlet.Servlet, javax.servlet.jsp.HttpJspPage {\r\n     //inserted as a\r\n     //result of <%! int serverInstanceVariable = 1;%>\r\n     int serverInstanceVariable = 1; \r\n     ...\r\n\r\n     public void _jspService( javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request,\r\n                              javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse response )\r\n       throws javax.servlet.ServletException,\r\n    \r\n     {\r\n         javax.servlet.ServletConfig config = ...;//get the servlet config\r\n         Object page = this;\r\n         PageContext pageContext = ...;//get the page context for this request \r\n         javax.servlet.jsp.JspWriter out = pageContext.getOut();\r\n         HttpSession session = request.getSession( true );\r\n         try {\r\n             out.print( "\\r\\n" );\r\n             out.print( "\\r\\n" );\r\n             ...\r\n             //from <% int localStackBasedVariable = 1; %>\r\n             int localStackBasedVariable = 1; \r\n             ...\r\n             out.print( "\\r\\n" );\r\n             out.print( "   \\r\\n" );\r\n             ...\r\n         } catch ( Exception _exception ) {\r\n             //clean up and redirect to error page in <%@ page errorPage="myerror.jsp" %>\r\n         }\r\n    }\r\n }\r\n
" );\r\n //note, toStringOrBlank() converts the expression into a string or if\r\n // the expression is null, it uses the empty string.\r\n //from <%= "expanded inline data " + 1 %>\r\n out.print( toStringOrBlank( \\"expanded inline data \\" + 1 ) );\r\n out.print( " financially supports the Wikimedia Foundation. Displaying this page does not burden Wikipedia hardware resources.
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