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Japanese Cultural Festival

Most schools in Japan, from junior high schools to universities, have an annual event called a Cultural Festival (文化祭 bunkasai). At the Cultural Festival, students display their everyday achievements. People who want to enter the school themselves or are interested in the school may come see what the schoolwork are like, and what the school atmosphere is like. Parents may also want to see what kind of work their children have been doing at school.

However, many people who visit cultural festivals come just for fun. Much food is served at cultural festivals, and often classrooms or gymnasiums are transformed into temporary restaurants or cafes. There are also performances such as dances, concerts, and plays. These are performed by individual volunteers or by various school "clubs," such as the dance club, the orchestra club, the band club, and the drama club.

The Cultural Festival is a very fun event, but this is not the only reason why it attracts so many visitors. The Cultural Festival is the only opportunity throughout the entire year that allows students to see what life is like in other schools. The Cultural Festival makes people's lives richer by increasing interaction.