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Janis Ian

Janis Ian (April 7, 1951 - ) is an Grammy winning American songwriter, singer and multi-instrumental musician. Born Janis Eddy Fink in a Bronx hospital, she changed her name while still a child. She had a successful singing career in the 1960s and 1970s. She wrote and sang her first hit single at age 15, the song "Society's Child", which told the story of an interracial romance forbidden by the narrator's parents. Her most successful single was "At Seventeen", released in 1975, a bittersweet commentary on adolescent cruelty and teenage angst, as reflected upon from the maturity of adulthood. She has also managed a sustained career as a songwriter.

She is an outspoken critic of the RIAA, a record industry organization which she sees as acting against the interests of musicians and consumers. As such, she has willingly released several of her songs, including the popular "Walking in the Rain", for free downloading from her website (see below for a link).

Ian married her long-time partner Patricia Snyder on August 27, 2003.


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