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Jan Janssonius

[Could we please see complete sentences below? I have brought this into conformance with the highlighing convention, but this article needs other work. Are you trying to say this person was a painter, or a cartographer, or what? That should be stated in the first sentence.]

Jan Janssonius (1588 - 1664). Made “Suecić, Norvegić et Danić Nova Tabula”, Amsterdam ca 1652. Hand colored engraving, 47*55cm. Second state of the Hondius map (1642), now with the imprint of Janssonius. This replaced the Veen map “Tabula exactissima Regnorum Suecić et Norvegić” (1636) which replaced Hondius II (1613) Ref# Pama/Sagen: 98, page 43. Also made: “Episcopatum Stavangriensis, Bergensis et Asloiensis”Amsterdam (1636) – 1642Contemporary hand colored engraving, 40*49cm.The first map to show the Oslo fjord by name.This nice map shows southern Norway with the Stavanger bishopric and the adjoining area of the Bergen and Oslo bishoprics. Telemark=Terra Incognita. From a French edition signature DD, see Koeman Me 100A. (Ref: Ginsberg “Norvegia” page 10, “Scandia” no.47, Hoem page 89 illustrated)Ref# Pama/Sagen: 146, page 54.