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Jamie Zawinski

Jamie Zawinski, commonly known as jwz, is a computer programmer, responsible for significant contributions to the free software projects Mozilla and XEmacs, as well as early versions of the commercial Netscape Navigator. He became quite well known in the early days of the world wide web through two easter eggs in the Netscape browser: typing "about:jwz" into the address box would take you to his home page (a similar trick worked for other Netscape staffers), and if you were running a Unix version of the browser, the Netscape logo "throbber" would change to a ship's compass when a page was loading.

Zawinski was a major proponent of opening the source code of the Mozilla browser, but became disillusioned with the project and resigned from Netscape Communications Corporation on April 1, 1999. His main occupation is now running the DNA Lounge nightclub in San Francisco.

He still actively maintains the XScreenSaver project, used by almost all Linux operating systems for screenblanking (except those running KDE).

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