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James Stewart

There are several individuals by the name of James Stewart.

The best-known James Stewart is the Hollywood actor of that name, better known as Jimmy Stewart.

An English film actor whose real name was James Stewart was obliged, by the actors' union, to change it, and became famous under the name, Stewart Granger.

In history, the name has been held by several members of the royal family of Scotland, including the kings:

James I of Scotland
James II of Scotland
James III of Scotland
James IV of Scotland
James V of Scotland
James VI of Scotland/James I of England
James VII of Scotland/James II of England

Although the name of this royal family was historically spelled both Stewart and Stuart, the latter spelling is most common in contemporary usage.

Other James Stewarts:

James Stewart, the Black Knight of Lorn (~1383 - >1451)
James Stewart, Earl of Moray (1531-1570)
James Stewart, Earl of Arran (died 1595)
James Francis Edward Stuart or Stewart (1688-1766 "The Old Pretender")
James Stewart, 4th Duke of Lennox
James Stewart, 1st Duke of Richmond

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