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James Horner

Removed possible copyright infringement. Text that was previously posted here is the same as text from this webpage:
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This page is now listed on Wikipedia:Possible copyright infringements. To the poster: If there was permission to use this material under terms of our license or if you are the copyright holder of the externally linked text, then please indicate so on this page's talk page (to access the talk page, click on Discuss this page in the sidebar). If there was no permission to use this text then please either replace this message with at least a good stub and an external link or leave this page to be deleted. (NOTE: unless a stub replaces this text, deletion will occur about one week from the time this page title was placed on the Votes for deletion page).

It also should be noted that the posting of copyrighted material that does not have the express permission from the copyright holder is possibly in violation of applicable law and of our policy. Those with a history of violations may be temporarily suspended from editing pages. If this is in fact an infringement of copyright, we still welcome any original contributions by you.

Thanks, snoyes 15:44, 10 Dec 2003 (UTC)