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Jaleco was originally founded as Japan Leisure Corporation, a video game company whose focus lay in titles for the NES and other popular computer and video game consoles of the 1980s, most notably the Bases Loaded series and Carrier.

For a period of time after the early 90s, Jaleco produced nothing and was in essence a defunct company. Then in 2000, the Jaleco name, rights, and property were acquired by Pacific Century CyberWorks Co., Ltd. of Japan. The company was then subsequently merged with VR-1 Entertainment, a developer of massively multiplayer role playing games in 2001, in order to bring a more global focus to its current and future software endeavors.

Jaleco is now a highly active publisher of video games for Microsoft's X-Box, PC games, and Sony's Playstation 2. It holds a top 10 publisher slot moving into 2004.