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Jake Sisko

Jake Sisko is a character in the fictional Star Trek universe, played by Cirroc Lofton. He is the son of Captain Benjamin Sisko in the series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers

He was born in 2355 to Jennifer Sisko, who was killed in 2357 during the Battle of Wolf 359, when Benjamin Sisko served aboard the USS Saratoga. In 2369 he moved with his father to Deep Space Nine, even though he didn't really want to, citing as one reason that there wouldn't be many kids his age at the station. Once there, he became friends with Nog, son of Rom, despite the disapproval of both Sisko pere and Rom. Jake and Nog became the first students enrolled in Keiko O'Brien's school. Jake aspired to be a writer, though he declined a scholarship to Pennington School in 2371. In 2372, Jake wrote the first draft of his first novel, Anselem under the influence of Onaya, a "vampire" who fed on creative energy (episode entitled "The Muse"). In the season finale, Benjamin Sisko joined the Prophets, and although Jake Sisko is still at DS9 for the final scene of the show, it is not clear if he stayed there.

In an alternate timeline (episode entitled "The Visitor"), Benjamin Sisko died in 2372, struck by an errant energy bolt on the USS Defiant. Jake spends the rest of his life trying to undo this and finally succeeds, changing the timeline to one in which Benjamin dodges the energy bolt.