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Jacques Prévert

Jacques Prévert (February 4, 1900 - April 11, 1977) was a French poet and screenwriter.

Prévert was associated with surrealism, and his poems are typically about life in Paris. They were published in his books Paroles (1946), Histoires (1946), Spectacle (1951), La Pluie et beau temps\ (1955), and Choses et autres (1973). Some of his works were set to music by Joseph Kosma. American French textbooks also utilize his poems, although many of his works are too vulgar for American highschools.

Prévert also wrote a number of screenplays for the film director Marcel Carné, among them Drôle de drame (Bizarre, Bizarre, 1937), Le jour se lève (Daybreak, 1939) and, perhaps most famously, Les enfants du paradis (The Children of Paradise, 1945).