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Jack Horrigan

Jack Horrigan (1926-1973) was a Buffalo Courier-Express sportswriter who went on to serve in public relations for the Buffalo Bills and for the American Football League. With Mike Rathet, he wrote the definitve book on the AFL, "The Other League - the Fabulous Story of the American Football League", with colorful graphics and action photos, which were not often used to present the AFL. The book also lists the name of every player who ever made an AFL roster. It was at Horrigan's insistence that the merged leagues retained American Football League team, coaching, and player records/statistics as official pro football records. Horrigan also helped develop the passer rating in current use, which, unlike the NFL method previously used, allows players of different eras to be compared. The Pro Football Writers of America annually give the Jack Horrigan Memorial Award to a professional football official or player "for his or her professionalism in helping football writers do their job". As a Contributor, Jack Horrigan is a member of the American Football League Hall of Fame.


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