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The J-9 is also known as the FC-1 or JF-17 is a fighter jet being developed jointly by the People's Republic of China and Pakistan. It had its first test flight on September 3, 2003. The first prototype was built in May of that year. The aircraft is being built by Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corportation (CAC).

The aircraft is based off the design of the MiG-33 which was rejected by the Soviet Air Force. It is intended to be a light-weight all-weather multipurpose fighter. The Pakistan Air Force intends to use it to replace its F-7s. The PLAAF may use it, but it is rumored that some in the PLAAF would rather focus on the J-10. It is still likely though that the People's Liberation Army Navy will use this aircraft.

The history of its development begins in the late 1980s. China had agreed with Grumman to upgrade a number of its F-7s in what was called the Super-7 Project. But in the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 and in light of increasing costs, the program was cancelled.

After this, China began to develop this aircraft on its own. The government of Pakistan got involved looking for a modern aircraft to add to its aging fleet. The Russian Mikoyan Aero-Science Production Group is also involved.

The project is expected to cost about half a billion dollars. Pakistan is funding at least 50% of the project, and each individual aircraft is estimated to cost about $15-20 million which makes it a good option for export.

The aircraft will have a single-seat and single engine, and have a top speed of mach 1.6.

JF-17 prototype in Pakistani markings

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