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Iuliu Maniu

Iuliu Maniu - portrait and signature

Iuliu Maniu (January 8, 1873 - February 5 1953) was a Romanian politician that served three terms as a Prime Minister, being a member of the National Peasants' Party.

The first term was between November 10, 1928 and June 7, 1930, the second between June 13 and October 10, 1930 and the last between October 20, 1932 and January 14, 1933.

Born in Simleul Silvaniei, he was the president of National Peasants' Party for 21 years (between 1926 and 1947).

In November 1947, the communist authorities sentenced him for life. He died in 1953 in the extermination prison from Sighet, his body being thrown in the common grave of the prison's graveyard.