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Itsuo Tsuda

Itsuo Tsuda was born in 1914. When he was 16 year old he broke with his father's will who would him to manage his family's estate as the eldest son; so he let his family and starts wandering, searching the free of thinking.

Having reconciled with his father, in 1934 he went to France, where he studied with Marcel Granet and Marcel Mauss until 1940, when he went back Japan: he studied Noh with Master Hosada, Seitai with Master Haruchika Noguchi and Aikido with Master Morihei Ueshiba.

In 1970 Itsuo Tsuda came back to Europe to disseminate regenerative movement and his ideas on Ki. In 1973 he published his first book, "Le Non-Faire" (Paris: Courrier du Livre; Translation: "Not Doing". Sum. ISBN 2-88063-007-X. Out of print; Italian Translation: "Il Non-Fare. Scuola della Respirazione". Milano, Luni Editrice, 2003 | ISBN 8874350236. translation by Scuola della Respirazione).

He died in Paris in 1984 but nowadays, in Europe, in the dojos of "School of Breathing", his practical philosophy and his teachings still live throughout his work and his books.

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