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Isthmus of Corinth

The Isthmus of Corinth is 20 miles (32 km) long and 4 to 8 miles (6 to 13 km) wide, and connects central Greece with Peloponnesos.

The isthmus lies between the Saronic Gulf and the Gulf of Corinth. The Corinth Canal, 4 miles (6 km) long, crosses the isthmus and connects the Adriatic and Aegean Seas. The Gulf of Corinth, an inlet to the Ionian Sea, is 80 miles (130 km) long and from 3 to 20 (5 to 32 km) wide. The gulf separates the Greek mainland from the Peloponnesus. The city of Corinth is located at the southeastern end of the Gulf of Corinth. Corinth is a port and major transportation center trading in olives, tobacco, raisins, and wine. The city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1928 and rebuilt.

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