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Issues is the fourth album by the band KoRn.

This album featured four different covers each designed by KoRn fans as part of an MTV competition. The first single "Falling Away From Me" was premiered on the cult show South Park, in an episode where the band was featured in cartoon form as Scooby Doo-style mystery solvers. The album includes five short 'interlude' tracks (1, 4, 7, 9 and 14) mixed in with the other regular length songs. Issues is also the first KoRn album not to have a hidden track, with only static fading out at the end of the album. (Although rumour has it the band removed the hidden track at the last moment).

The album was considered a disappointment by many of the band's fans, as it featured fewer nu metal songs, and incorporated vocalist Jonathan Davis' Duran Duran influences.

The special edition of Issues includes the bonus CD All Kut Up.

Track listing

  1. "Dead" (1:12) (Interlude)
  2. "Falling Away From Me" (4:30)
  3. "Trash" (3:27)
  4. "4U" (1:42) (Interlude)
  5. "Beg For Me" (3:53)
  6. "Make Me Bad" (3:55)
  7. "It's Gonna Go Away" (1:30) (Interlude)
  8. "Wake Up" (4:07)
  9. "Am I Going Crazy?" (0:59) (Interlude)
  10. "Hey Daddy" (3:44)
  11. "Somebody Someone" (3:47)
  12. "No Way" (4:08)
  13. "Let's Get This Party Started" (3:41)
  14. "Wish You Could Be Me" (1:07) (Interlude)
  15. "Counting" (3:37)
  16. "Dirty" (7:50)

Charting singles

1999  Issues                  The Billboard 200               No. 1
1999  Issues                  Top Canadian Albums             No. 2
1999  Issues                  Top Internet Albums             No. 2
2000  Issues                  Top Internet Albums             No. 13
2000  Falling Away From Me    The Billboard Hot 100           No. 99
2000  Make Me Bad             Mainstream Rock Tracks          No. 9
2000  Somebody Someone        Mainstream Rock Tracks          No. 23
2000  Falling Away From Me    Modern Rock Tracks              No. 7
2000  Make Me Bad             Modern Rock Tracks              No. 7
2000  Somebody Someone        Modern Rock Tracks              No. 23
2000  Falling Away From Me    Mainstream Rock Tracks          No. 7