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Isle of Dogs

(Isle of Dogs is also a play by Thomas Nashe and Ben Jonson.)

The Isle of Dogs is an island formed by the Thames and the West India Docks. It is to be found in the East End of London, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It is also considered part of Docklands, an area designated in 1981 by the British Government for redevelopment by the London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC). The area had been known as the Isle of Dogs since before the development of the West India Docks, despite it being a peninsula.

It was the site of the highest concentration of council housing in England, but now it is also known as the site of the Canary Wharf development built on Poplar Gut. 1 Canada Square, also known as The Canary Wharf Tower, is the tallest building in Britain at 244 metres.

The area includes Millwall, Cubitt Town, and Blackwall. North Greenwich is no longer a name applied to the southern end of the island.

It is an area of social extremes, encompassing some of the most expensive and luxurious housing and offices, whilst Blackwall is the 81st poorest ward in England out of over 8,000.

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