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Isaac Deutscher

Isaac Deutscher was (1907 - 1967) is a Polish journalist. Born in Krakow, Poland, he joined the Polish Communist Party in 1926. However, he was expelled in 1932 because he was critical of Joseph Stalin.

On the outbreak of World War II Deutscher moved to England and began writing for The Observer. He also became chief European correspondent for The Economist. Deutscher wrote several books about the Soviet Union including Stalin (1949), Soviet Trade Unions (1950), Russia after Stalin (1953), Trotsky: The Prophet Armed (1954), Heretics and Renegades (1955), Trotsky: The Prophet Unarmed (1959), The Great Contest (1960), Trotsky: The Prophet Outcast (1963) and Ironies of History, Essays on Contemporary Communism (1966).

Deutscher died in London in 1967.