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Irene Saez

Irene Saez Conde (born aprox. 1961) is a Venezuelan who won the Miss Universe title in 1981 at New York, and later became an important figure in Venezuela's political arena.

Saez became the mayor of a small city near Caracas and then ran for Governor of the Venezuelan state of Isla Margarita, a title which she won. In 1998, she shocked Venezuela and the rest of Latin America by announcing she would run for President in 1999. She ran for the Presidency, but lost to Hugo Chavez.

She lives in Caracas now together with her husband and a baby boy she had in 2000. She has not officially announced any more plans regarding her career as a politician.

Saez has been viewed in Venezuela by many feminists, Miss Universe fans and members of the general public as a woman who has tried to improve the self esteem of all Venezuelan women in general as well as their image.