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Iraq Interim Governing Council

The Iraq Interim Governing Council is a provisional government of Iraq, subject to the authority of the US-led coalition which ousted Saddam Hussein. The council consists of various Iraqi political, religious, and tribal leaders who were appointed by the Coalition Provisional Authority to provide transitional leadership of Iraq to an eventual democratic state.

The Council's ethnic and religious breakdown includes 13 Shi'ites, five Sunni Arabs, five Kurds (also Sunnis), one ethnic Turk and an Assyrian Christian.

In September 2003, the Iraqi Governing Council gained regional recognition from the Arab League, which agreed to seat its representative in Iraq's chair at its meetings.

Though still subject to the authority of the CPA administrator (Paul Bremer), the council has several key powers of its own. So far, their duties have been appointing representatives to the United Nations, appointing interim ministers to Iraq's vacant cabinet positions, and drafting a constitution that will later be voted on by the Iraqi people.

Council Members

The presidency of Iraq rotates monthly among nine members of the council. A (p) marks those members above. (See President of Iraq.)

On September 1, 2003, the council named its first cabinet. They are:

The Saddam-era positions of Minister of Defense and Minister of Information have been dissolved.