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iPhoto is a software application made by Apple Computer for their Mac OS X operating system and iLife software suite. iPhoto is designed to help manage the digital photos of the user. iPhoto does not run in Mac OS 9, however.

iPhoto aims to replace the photo shoebox, allowing users to organize, view and share their digital photos with friends and family at home and over the web. Photos can be organized into "albums" by the user, for easy referencing. The program has some basic editing capabilities including red eye reduction, brightness and contrast adjustments, cropping, resizing, and conversion to black and white, among others. iPhoto also allows users to select and organize photographs and pay Apple a fee to print them into a hardcover book. iPhoto conveniently integrates with .Mac services. It will also present an "album" of pictures as a slideshow, adding selected music and transitional effects.

iPhoto comes installed on all new Apple computers and can be purchased with the iLife suite from Apple's online store.

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