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INXS is an Australian rock group. The band was formed in 1977 and comprised of Andrew Farriss, Michael Hutchence, Tim Farriss, Jon Farriss, Garry Gary Beers and Kirk Pengilly. Their founding name was The Farriss Brothers but the band changed their name to INXS in 1979.

The band was fronted by their charismatic lead singer, Michael Hutchence. On November 22, 1997 Hutchence was found dead in his Sydney hotel room, an apparent victim of suicide. They are probably best known for their singles "What You Need" and "Need You Tonight" and their 1987 album Kick.


INXS has released several albums and singles over the years. The full albums and the years they were released:

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INXS is an informal abbreviation for "in excess," used in chemistry. For example, "HCl is INXS."