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Invicta (meaning undefeated) is the motto of the county of Kent, England. It dates back to the invasion of England by William I of England.

Legend has it that, while marching from the battle site at Hastings, William marched on to London on his way to the (then) capital Winchester. While passing through Kent, the local people picked up branches and marched at William's men. Scared, William and his army took flight and took a different route to London. As the people of Kent felt that they had chased William away, they adopted Invicta as a county motto.

Invicta appears on the coat of arms of the county beneath a white horse rampant on a red background. The white horse relates to the emblem of Horsa, the brother of Hengest, who defeated the king Vortigern near Aylesford.

Invicta is now used regularly within the county. The local independent radio station is called Invicta, as are several football teams. Many companies in the county use Invicta as a trade name.

Invitica is also a make of car. See Invitica (car).