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Inukai Tsuyoshi

Inukai, Tsuyoshi (犬養 毅, April 20,1855 - May 15,1932) was a Japanese politician and the 26th Prime Minister from December 13,1931 - May 15, 1932.

He was born in Okayama prefecture. Initially working as a journalist, he turned to politics and became Minister of Education in 1898. In 1929 he became president of the Seiyukai party and was elected as Prime Minister in 1931.

Inukai's assassination by young naval officers in Tokyo on May 15, 1932 was a key event in Japanese history, known as the go ichi go jiken (May 15 incident). It marked the end of party political control over government decisions until after World War II.

Preceded by:
Wakatsuki Reijiro
Prime ministers of Japan Succeeded by:
Saito Makoto