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Interstate 74

Interstate 74 is an interstate highway in the United States. Its western end is at an intersection with Interstate 80 in Bettendorf, Iowa; its eastern end is at an intersection with Interstate 75 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Table of contents
1 Number of Miles
2 Major Cities Along the Route
3 Intersections with other Interstates
4 Spur Routes
5 Notes

Number of Miles

414 miles

Major Cities Along the Route

Intersections with other Interstates

Spur Routes


Long-range plans call for I-74 to continue east and south of Cincinnati through West Virginia and Virginia into North Carolina. I-74 shields are up along a stretch of U.S. 220 freeway south of Asheboro, North Carolina and fairly recently along a stretch between the Virginia State Line and Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Future I-74 shields are in place along a stretches of freeway near Asheboro and Rockingham, North Carolina as well.