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Interstate 205

Interstate 205 is the designation for two different tertiary interstate routes.

Table of contents
1 Washington-Oregon
2 California


Interstate 205 in Washington and Oregon is a loop route that serves the Portland, Oregon-Vancouver, Washington metropolitan area. I-205 loops east of downtown Portland and Vancouver, thus serving as a bypass route. I-205 is one of the small number of three-digit interstates to cross over into another state. The northern terminus begins north of Vancouver in the town of Salmon Creek. The southern terminus is near the Portland suburb of Tualatin.

Interstate 205 is the interstate that provides access to Portland International Airport (PDX).

Major cities and suburbs along the route


Interstate 205 in California is a short connecting interstate between Interstate 5 and Interstate 580 south of the town of Lathrop. The only significant city on Interstate 205 is Tracy.

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