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Internazionale Football Club of Milan is an Italian football club.

Founded in March 1908 as Internazionale Football Club of Milan by a group previously associated to the, then, Milan A.C. The club colours were gold, black and blue. The club was called Internazionale because it was open to all players and not only to the Italians; in Italy it is mostly known as "Inter".

The club won it's first championship in 1910 and it's second in 1920. Following a forced merger with Milanese Unione Sportiva and a name-change to Ambrosiana - Inter the club won another championship in 1932 a fourth in 1938 and their first Italian Cup in 1939. 1940 resulted in a fifth shield for Inter. From 1942 the club regained the Internazionale name and from 1945 that was regularly shortened to simply Inter.

Post-war the club won it's sixth shield in 1953 and the seventh in 1954. Despite the significant previous successes the club had it's 'black-and-blue Age' in the 1960s. Another championship in 1963. The European Cup in 1964 versus Real Madrid. A ninth championship in 1965 and another European Cup victory. A tenth league win and two Intercontinental Cup victories also occurred in the 1960s.

League wins again in 1971 and 1980. A record-making thirteenth championship was achieved in 1990. UEFA Cup victories followed in 1991, 1994 and 1998.

Their stadium is the 85,700 seater Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, also called the San Siro. The stadium is shared with A.C. Milan.

Famous players include Giuseppe Meazza, Armano Lorenzi, Sandro Mazzola, Giorgio Ghezzi, Baresi, Giuseppe Bergomi, Zenga, Roberto Baggio, and Ronaldo.

Italian Champions 13 1909/10 1919/20 1929/30 1937/38 1939/40 1952/53 1953/54 1962/63 1964/65 1965/66 1970/71 1979/80 1988/89

European Cup 2 1963/64 1964/65

Italian Cup 3 1938/39 1977/78 1981/82

Uefa Cup 3 1990/91 1993/94 1997/98

Intercontinental Cup 2 1964 1965

Supercoppa Italiana 1 1988/89