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International Chamber of Commerce

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is an organization joined by several countries promoting and supporting global trade and globalization. An advocate of world business in the global economy for economic growth, job creation, and prosperity. The world's global business organization help developing global business views. ICC has direct access to national governments worldwide through it's national committees.

ICC activities:

Dispute resolution
Advocating open trade
Advocating market economy systems
Advocating business self-regulation
Fighting corruption
Combating commercial crime

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2 Council, National committees, and groups
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Founded in 1919 to serve world business by promoting trade and investment, open markets for goods and services, and the free flow of capital. Organization's international secretariat was established in Paris. Creation of the ICC's International Court of Arbitration was in 1923.

ICC's first president was Etienne Clémentel.

Initially representing the private sectors of Belgium, Britain, France, Italy and the United States, it expanded to represent worldwide business organizations in around 130 countries.

Council, National committees, and groups

The ICC World Council is a general assembly of a major intergovernmental organization composed of business executives. National committees name delegates to the Council. Ten direct members may be invited to participate. It usually meets twice a year. The Council elects the Chairman and Vice-Chairman for two-year terms. The Council elects the Executive Board on the Chairman's recommendation.

The Secretary General heads the International Secretariat. The Secretary General works with the national committees to carry out ICC's work programs. The Secretary General is appointed.

The Executive Board is responsible for implementing ICC policy. The Executive Board has between 15 and 30 members. They serve for three years. They have a one third rotation in membership. The Chairman, his immediate predecessor, and the Vice-Chairman form the Chairmanship.

National committees represent the ICC in their respective countries. They recommend to the ICC their respective national business concerns in its policy recommendations to governments and international organizations.

Commissions develop international and national government initiatives in their subject areas. They also develop business positions for submission to international organizations and governments. Commissions are composed of more than 500 business experts from member companies.

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