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An intercooler is a device used on turbocharged & supercharged internal-combustion engines to cool down the intake charge after the supercharging affect has introduced heat. An intercooler is similar to a radiator except the air to be cooled passes through the inside rather than water, and ambient air flows across the intercooler core to reduce the charged air's temperature. A water cooled intercooler (where water is used to cool the charge and a separate "radiator" is used to cool the water) is typically referred to as a chargecooler.

Intercoolers need to be mounted so as to maximize air flow and promote efficient cooling. Cars such as the Mitsubish Lancer Evolution use front-mounted intercoolers mounted vertically near the front bumper, in line with the car's radiator. In contrast, cars such as the Subaru Impreza WRX mount the intercooler horizontally on top of the engine, and use a hood scoop to force air over the intercooler. Some World Rally Championship cars use a reverse induction setup, with air from ducts in the front bumper being forced up over a horizontally-mounted intercooler and then vented through ducts in the top of the hood.