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Institute for Advanced Study

The Institute for Advanced Study is a private institution in Princeton Township, New Jersey, designed to foster pure cutting-edge research by scientists in a variety of fields without the complications of teaching or funding, or the agendas of sponsorship. It is perhaps best known as the academic home of Albert Einstein after his immigration to the United States.

The School

The Institute consists of a School of Historical Studies, a School of Mathematics, a School of Natural Sciences, a School of Social Science, and a newly created program in Theoretical Biology. There is a small permanent faculty for each school, supplemented by the Visiting Members who are selected for fellowships each year.

There are no degree programs or experimental facilities at the Institute, and research is funded by endowments, grants and gifts -- it does not support itself with tuition or fees. It is not part of any educational system, although it frequently collaborates with Princeton University and other nearby schools. Research is never contracted or directed; it is left to each individual researcher to pursue their own goals.


The institute was founded in 1930 by Louis Bamberger and Caroline Bamberger Fuld.